Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use are vital part of using the website of www.pradhanflorist.com an on-line service to search an item for buying the selected product or service. These Terms of Use also include the Privacy Commitment given in a separate page by reference. Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) request all the valuable customers to please go through the Terms of Use and your use of our website indicate that you have accepted the terms and you be bound by the provisions of these Terms of Use. In extreme case if you feel that Terms of Use are not at all acceptable to you, in that case we would also request you not to use our website. Please read this page carefully.

1. Eligibility for Use

Those who have reached the age of 18 (Eighteen) years are only eligible for use of this website. That means you have used this website on earning the right, authority or capacity. Or you may represent the organization, in that case the representative or authorized representative should have the age of 18 years.

2. Protection by Law for Use

Our organization, Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide), permits you to visit our website for exclusive or personalized on-line shopping by accessing single copy of the content available on or from www.pradhanflorist.com or from the other websites under our control whether partial or otherwise. These contents include software, logos, icons, images, graphics or other contents of Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide), are protected by or under copyright, trademark and other laws. These contents are the exclusive properties of Pradhan Florist and unauthorized use of our properties is subject to liable for violation of copyright, trademark or other laws. In no ways you are authorized to sell, lend, display, reproduce, distribute or otherwise such properties or contents of Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) for commercial purpose or in any way to any third party at individual or any level. Similarly our organization shall never give any rights to any customers to make copy of HTML Code that the Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) has created to develop or generate the contents or pages making up any site being protected by the law of copyright.

3. Restriction of Use

Customers are totally restricted not to use the www.pradhanflorist.com or any other sites under the control of our organization with a view to sell, distribute, lend, publicly perform, store, destroy the content materials in the manner or manners laid down below:

In violation of any applicable laws, rules or regulations

In a manner encroaching copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property rights of others, personal rights, violation of privacy or

In a manner which is threatening, abusive, hateful/shameful, defamatory, indecent.

Customers are also prohibited not to commit or attempt to commit security of any Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) sites by way of following behaviors or activities, including or without limitations:

Logging into server or account or accessing the data not offered for such customers and also not authorized

Attempting to search, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to infringe the security or authentication measure without authorization.

Attempting to interfere to any network, user or host by means of submitting a virus to any Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) sites “spamming”, “mailbombing”, “crashing”, “flooding”. Our organization will enquire or investigate such happenings, if any taken place, and may invite the law enforcement or authority for coping up such violation or infringement.

4. Registration for Use

When a customer registers with the Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) site, in that case you are requested to furnish the details of address for communication includes the e-mail id. That information as to providing the email id will be preserved with confidentiality and such information should not be disclosed to any third party with the exception where the organization is bound to cooperate with any authority or legal proceedings required to comply with the provision. In no ways your information will be used at individual level but may be used on an anonymously basis, certain aggregate information contained in your registration application.

The organization reserves the right to offer third party’s services or products to you based on the choices or preferences identified in the application for registration. In such cases the organization does not commit any guarantee or representation as to the quality or nature of services being arranged/procured/ collected or purchased through Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) site.

5. Registration and Password for Use

Customers are solely responsible for maintaining their account and password used at the time of registration or at any time thereafter for all uses of website. If you find that there is unauthorized use of your account and password you must immediately convey the same to us.


6. Notification for Copyright Infringement of Use

On establishing the facts that your copyrighted work has been uploaded or copied to our Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) site and in any way is accessible on our site, in that case you should highlight the matter to us or our copyright agent with the following information:

Details of the copyright work you believe that has been copied or uploaded

Physical or digital signature of the person has done such encroachment on your behalf knowingly or unknowingly

Identification of location or the URL on this website where the material or activity to be encroaching is located or is occurring, but in this case we are highly dependent on the detailed information which will help us do the investigation properly.

A declaration to the best of your knowledge or good faith that the activity or such behavior done on this website for that you are going to complaining is not done by any authorized copyright owner or agent of copyright owner or by the law in this context.

A further declaration stating that the information you are going to bring to our notice is accurate and that you are either the copyright owner or the agent of the copyright owner.

Your name, address, telephone and the e-mail address.

Below mentioned person is designated to receive such complaint:

7. Liability for Use

Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) is an organization deals exclusively an on-line shopping or trading or provides the service to the customers by offering branded products of well reputed companies or organizations. Our organization is not involved in the actual transactions between the customers and the original producers. As a result our organization is not at all responsible or has no any control over the quality, nature, safety or legality of the produces produced by the original producers and makes no representation of any products or services or User Contents on pradhanflorist.net or any other Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) sites.

8. Disclaimer of Warranty for Use

We do not provide any warranty on the pradhanflorist.net site or any other sites under the control of our organization that all the sites will operate error free or its servers are free of computer viruses or other harmful mechanism. Our organization shall not take any responsibility for any damages as to any services required or replacement of equipments is necessary, occurred for the use of the sites of Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) sites. Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide), by any law, whether expressed or implied, is permitted to the fullest extent to disclaim any kind of warranties including the warranty of merchantability, fitness for particular purpose and non-infringement. We also do not provide the warranty on completeness or timeliness of the Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) contents, services, software, text, graphics and links.

9. Limitation of Liability for Use

Regardless of any cause of action, whether in contract, tort or breach of warranty or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with any Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) sites or use of the Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) contents, our maximum liability shall not exceed Rs.500.00 (Rupees Five Hundred only).

10. Unauthorized Commercial Use

You agree not to transfer or resell or assign your rights or obligations under these terms of use. You also agree to the facts that you can not use any unauthorized commercial use of any Pradhan Florist (Indiawide-Worldwide) sites or contents.

11. Liability for Delivery

It is our sole responsibility to make the valid orders delivered within the schedule date and preferred location falling in the range of places of our net work. It will not be worthwhile to consider all the places in the same category as we mean to say with respect to their locations, communication facilities, transportation, geographical situations, etc. Like metros, semi-metros, cities, towns are having the good transport arrangement and well equipped with other facilities. Therefore, time and other barrier are less for delivery of orders for these locations compared to other places situated interior from the main city, towns or any tourist places. In that case to maintain the exact schedule of delivery may not be possible for all the times for all the deliveries. And it is our suggestion for our valued customers to bear with us for some time as there are number of factors involved in executing that delivery. For normal delay in delivery for the order for interior or remote places we shall not entertain any complaints or any communication for refund or any actions from our customers as our concern has already taken action for delivery of same ordered items.

12. Liability for Un-delivery

For the confirmed and valid order we are liable to deliver the products to the preferred locations and specified recipient within the schedule date. Where our delivery boy returns with undelivered items due to non availability of recipient, in that case we shall not be responsible for refund the order value and / or entertain any action may be taken by customers for such undelivered order(s). To this extent our concern is also flexible to consider, on receipt of request from customers, for further delivery only for the non-perishable items with some extra delivery charges. For the perishable items, like flowers, sweets, fruits, cakes, etc. customers shall have to pay further the original order value if they like to get their ordered item(s) delivered.

13. Liability for Mid-night Delivery

If customers likes to place the order for mid-night delivery he / she has to confirm the order before 16.00 hrs (Indian Standard Time) and choose the option for mid night delivery. If customer places the normal order and confirmed over telephone or by e-mail to make the delivery at mid-night, delivery in such cases shall be treated as normal delivery. For mid-night delivery does not mean dot 12 O’ clock night, it may be earlier or later to 12 O’ clock night. Mid-night delivery is also dependent on some factors being beyond our control, like availability of transportation, heavy shower or natural calamity, fitness of delivery boy, etc. If all the criteria favor us then mid-night delivery becomes possible, but, generally we try our best, carrying so constraints, to deliver the order at mid-night for the sake of customer satisfaction.

14. Delivery for Ordered Items

With the exception of very few cases we always try to deliver the exact items ordered by the customers. The occasion of very few cases arises here as those items are out of stock or not readily available in the market at that moment customer likes to get order delivered. In that case we always try to deliver the matched item(s) or similar to the items ordered by you. It is the common practice of all online shopping malls to deliver the matched item(s) or similar to item(s) ordered where absolute crisis situation faced, i.e. out of stock or not readily available at that moment at that location where the order to be delivered. We believe that customers shall have admitted such general laws and practices before placing the order which is applicable for very few products and very rare cases. Once such delivery takes place and customer raises complaint we shall not be bound to entertain such complaint or refund or to make further delivery for the exact items.

15. Delivery only for Valid Order

Valid order means:

Sender’s name and address should be in details

Recipient name and address should be in details with postal code

Email address should be valid and active

Telephone number should also be valid and active

Payment, either by Card Payment or by Direct Deposit (pl. refer to the payment menu) confirmation.

Delivery date and delivery place with land mark, if possible.


All the above mentioned details will make us liable and help us delver the ordered items rightly otherwise it may create lot of problems in future both for you as well as us. Lack of information from the customer shall not make us responsible for any liability in any mode either monetarily or legally.

16. Liability for Payment Confirmation

While customer places the order he / she is solely responsible to confirm the payment otherwise this order stands as an invalid order. Once the customer places the order with payment confirmation it is explicitly implied that he / she is the valid card holder and uses their card for payment against the order placed. Payment is made by the customer as valid card holder means that it is his or her in full knowledge. After delivery of such valid order if customer lodges complaint on their bank or on us that he / she has not used the card or payment made without his / her knowledge or third party snatches his / her card and makes such transaction or stolen / misplaced and receiver has used this transaction, in that case we shall not take any liability either by way of refund the money or to entertain any legal action or any notices from any forum / body / authority. We believe that customer has carefully read this clause, admitted and placed the order.

17. Liability for Cancellation of Order

Order placed and subsequently cancelled by the customer, whatever may be the reason, before the delivery done, customer will be refunded immediately the order value less 20% of the order value being service charge and service tax thereon levied by the service provider.

18. Liability for Refund

For non execution of orders our concern is liable for refund the money to the customers on happening either of the following two situations:

i) For unavoidable circumstance it is not our control, we will intimate customers detailing the situation, asking for extension of delivery date and if customer does not allow us for more time, in that case we shall refund the order value after deduction of 20% of order value for service charges and service tax thereon for our service provider. Before disallowing us we would always advise customers to check back with their recipient the facts of non execution of order we have communicated already.

ii) For on our part there is every possibility of being oversight a particular order out of hundreds of orders every day and that causes non execution of the order, in that case we will refund the order value to the full extent though conceding the both - way service charges and service tax thereon charged by the service provider. We maintain this to keep the good relationship with the customers.

19. Time meant for Same-day-Delivery

Generally from 10.00 hrs (as per IST) to late evening (around 19.00 hrs IST) is meant time for the same delivery if customer places the orders on that very day subject to availability of stock or readily available in the market and no obstructions. For execution of the order on the term of same - day - delivery order should be confirmed at least 6 hours before the tentative delivery time of that very date. Order placed with not giving us the minimum time will not make us liable for delivery on same day on which date you have placed the order and demanded for delivery. In such case we shall be bound to deliver the items on the next day and in no circumstance question arises for refund of the order value showing the reason for non delivery.

20. Right to contact

For safe and interest of the customers we reserve the right to contact customers either to pass or to have the proper communication for safe and right delivery of the order placed by our valued customers. On receipt of the order if we find that some information is required or the information furnished is insufficient or the information provided not fulfilling our object, in that case we deserve the right to contact the customer either over telephone or by mail or by SMS, and so long as we will get the information from the customer we shall not be liable to deliver the ordered items.

On the other hand customer has the equal right to contact us for any information or any explanation required by them.