Following are the requisites that must be met for the purpose of becoming a registered       

    Franchise of Pradhan  Florist Outlet.

    You should have a minimum showroom space of 100-1000 Sq.Ft.

    The showroom should face a highly frequented road and should have convenient access to a parking facility.

    The interiors and design of showroom should be as per specifications to be given by Pradhan  Florist.

    Pradhan  Florist  team helps in selecting the right location, plan the Interior, Trained Manpower,

    E- commerce support, Exclusive designs to its business partners.

    We provide technical manpower (mali) to run the shop and on the job training to our franchisee.

    You can start a Pradhan  Florist  outlet with an investment of Rs 20 - 50  Lacs and  earn  unlimited.

    Pradhan  Florist  supplies all the inventories needed to run the store including fresh flowers,

    Dry flowers, accessories and gift items to the Franchise.



Q.1. What does the investment of Rs. 20 - 50 lac include?

Ans. It includes franchise fees,first fill of stock and air conditioner,

     Computer & music system. The cost of property (rented/ leased / owned) is not factored in this.

Q.2. What profit will I make?

Ans. After achieving break even within initial 12-24 months, franchisee can earn unlimited

     depending upon the city of operation.

Q.3. I do not have any experience of running a flower shop?

Ans. We will train and equip the franchisee to run a flower shop and we provide skilled manpower to  operate the store.

Q.4. Do I need to own a property?

Ans. Property could be rented/leased/owned.


 General rules & regulations for Franchise.

1.   Business should be confined within local area only.

2.   The colour and interior decoration of the shop should be made after the Franchisors

     (i.e. Pradhan Florists) choice.

3.   The brand name for the franchisee shop  will always be Pradhan Florist.

4.   Website, contact address and all bills of the franchisee will be in the name of Pradhan Florist.

     However, they may have their own local numbers for various transactions.

 5.   Our respected Franchisee is also intimated that it will never in the future be in a position to open   its own WEBSITE.

6.   Our honourable Franchisee can purchase all its products from anywhere only if it is

     recommended  by Pradhan Florist.

7.   All orders made by Pradhan Florist to the Franchisee should be given at a discount of      

     10%. similar  facilities will be awarded to the Franchisee for its orders delivered through the main  concern i.e. Pradhan florist.

8.   Our respected franchisee is made aware of the fact that Pradhan Florist believes in

     honesty and integrity and is uncompromising about its product quality. It is an abiding

     principle for the Franchisee to give 100 percent quality assurance of every product

     sold to our respected customers.

9.   In case of any complaint about the quality of any product our respected customers will

     be privileged with   their money returned in full. If not satisfied with the explanation of

     the person/s concerned they will always be given the opportunity to lodge a complaint

     to the main concern.

10.  Under no circumstances the customers will be meted with ill-treatment by anybody while dealing  with them. All staffers  should behave politely showing due respect to all customers.

11.   Payments for all purchase from the main concern i.e. Pradhan Florist,Highland Park,Kolkata-700094. should not be delayed more than 7 days from the date of transaction.

12.   The prospective Franchisee will have to pay an amount of non-refundable rupees ten lac

      (10,00,000/-) as Franshise fee.

13.   All employees will under any circumstance be recruited only after consulting us.

14.   If under any compulsion the Franchisee has to close/wrap up its business it should inform us  at least 6 months before the final closure.

15.   Pradhan Florist has the right to announce the closure of franchised shop on disciplinary or   any other viable ground.

16.   The franchisee is not privileged with making tie-ups with any other Brand/s.

Franchisees  interested are asked  to  contact:


(M.D. of  Pradhan  Florist)

Head Office:  Metropolis  Mall, Ground Floor,

Hiland Park(Bigbazer),1925 Chakgaria,


Bus Stop:- Peerless Hopital (Bypass).

Train----Baghajatin Station.

Mobile:  +91 8585086019.

Email:  info@pradhanflorist.com

 We want to open our  outlets all over  INDIA.